North Cape Expedition

The trip : The North Cape Expedition

Departure on March 2nd 2019 ! We are cycling to the North Cape !

The team

The 3 people who participate to this trip are Zaher, Basile and Tim. Our vehicles are two velomobiles (one Quest and one Quattrovelo) and one more classic touring bike

The route

We will cycle through 13 countries and 11 capitals ! We will visit the following countries (in sequence) : Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuany, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany (one more time), Netherlands, Belgium and finally France.

Meet us, Help us

You live on our route ? Let’s meet !

Meet us, Host us

If you are on our route, we can take a coffee together and it would be better if you can host us for a night or a weekend ! Just fill the following form !


You can also give us your financial support by this link (in French only, sorry)

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Goals during our trip

This trip is first a challenge. We love travelling with our bike and so we decided to take part to this huge adventure ! But we also have further goals :

  • With our association, we wish promote the soft vehicles (overall the bike !) for every trip. In this case, we want to show that it is possible to make very long trips only with a bike. It’s also a mean for us to make know the velomobile, an aerodynamic bike. Such a bike is faster on flat roads than a ordinary bike
  • Basile wants to meet some farmers to make a poll. He wants to know how the different farmers in Europe use their tools and what they think about them.
  • We keep a touch with some middle-school classes during our trip. We will make some feedbacks of our experience and also talk about themes bounded to our trip like nutrition, sport, health, ecology…